10 Tips to Choose The Best VPN Provider

By | April 27, 2017

With the availability of hundreds of VPNs in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best VPN provider. This guide to picking the perfect service will help you find great service no matter if it’s paid or free.

There are many free VPN to open blocked websites without paying a single penny. But keep in mind one thing, for an exceptional level of security, reliability, and high speed you must always go with paid service rather than a free one.

When it comes to paid tool, everyone wants to get high-speed internet browsing experience, bulletproof security, hundreds of server locations, and everything they can get at the price they pay. Am I right?

So, to help every user out there, I am going to share all the key features you must check before purchasing any paid VPN provider. No one wants to pay for useless services or tools.

Let’s talk about key things to look for before buying any paid tool.

Top 10 Tips to Pick The Best VPN Provider

1. Number of Servers

¬†Every VPN should offer hundreds of server locations and virtual locations to browse the Internet from more places. Having limited servers and small locations isn’t good when are going to pay money.

So, I would recommend going with a company which offers the maximum amount of virtual places for servers and geo-locations. HideMyAss offers various server locations and hundreds of places to surf the internet.

But due to any reason, if you are looking for Hidemyass alternatives, you can visit the linked article for best alternatives to HMA.

2. Protocols

Are they offer OpenVPN? Because it is highly secure and best for security purpose. Additionally, also look for SSL, PPTP, L2TP, TSL, SSTP, and IPSec.

OpenVPN provides the bulletproof security when it comes to data encryptions. The best part is, every best VPN in the market offering OpenVPN by default and you don’t worry about this aspect.

3. Plans and Prices

As an end user, every user wants to pay less money. Are they charge too much for the features we get? A good VPN can cost you around $5 to $10 per month with all the unique features.

So, don’t pay more than the mentioned money because otherwise, you are going to pay higher fees.

4. Usability

Can you use it on more than one devices such as Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, or Internet routers? It is important to choose a tool having cross-platform usability.

5. Renewal Rates

Some companies will offer you an exclusive discount for one month or first-time purchase, and the time of renewal they demand more money which ultimately cost higher than the usual. You should check their renewal rates.

6. Bandwidth Restrictions

Are you going to get unlimited bandwidth or there is a limited amount of data you can browse every month?Having an unlimited or unmetered amount of data bandwidth is always awesome.

7. Refund Policy

Trusting on new company take some time and it is also important to have some time before paying any money. But how we can verify if a company worth your money? Well, if they offer the refund policy, anyone can check the quality of VPN service.

8. Browsing Logs

VPN means more security than the regular use of Internet. No log means more privacy. So, I would always go with a company explicitly mention that they don’t record user browsing history or Internet Usage.

9. Network Speed

Most free VPN software usually decreases your Internet speed significantly which is weird. But its not the case in paid service, you get the highspeed browsing experience. Before buying any paid tool, try to verify if a company use high-speed link or network.

10. Support

Last but not least, without a proper of communicating with any company it is useless if they have all the features I mentioned above. How you contact they customer support if they don’t offer any way to communicate with them?

And having multiple ways to take technical help is always better. It is recommended to go with a provider having the live chat feature. Usually, most of the companies allow you support via email which is time-consuming and you have to wait for hours or even days to get help.

Why someone wait to avail help when they are paying for the service?

So, these are some key features you anyone must check before purchasing any premium service. Otherwise, chances are you might end up subscribing to useless or unworthy service.

I hope this article will help you find the best VPN software with all the necessary features


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