Best Gifts for Women with Summer Birthdays

By | July 3, 2017

Sometimes I feel like all my friends who have summer birthdays have their parties around the same time each year. When you are shopping for multiple gal pals you want to be thoughtful with each gift as well as unique. No want wants to be that person who got the same gift as someone else, or even worse the same gift for two different people. When it comes to summer birthdays, opting for something that is seasonable and can be enjoyed in the moment is always a great idea.

Potted Plant

Everyone loves getting flowers for their birthday. There is a sense or care and intimacy that makes people feel loved. However, a bouquet of flowers only lasts so long, and you want your gift to be lasting. A better option might be to go for a potted plant. You could choose a flowering plant to brighten up your friend’s space, or perhaps opt for something green, leafy, and easy to care for if she doesn’t have a good track record with plants. If you want to go the useful route, you can even choose a vegetable plant or some herbs.


Most ladies love to be pampered, and a mani-pedi can leave you feeling so fresh. What better time to touch up your hands and feet than during the season when they receive the most exposure. Your friend may have a favorite spa, or you could recommend her new favorite spot. If you have the time and the budget, it could be really fun to make a day of it. Make an appointment for both you and your friend, go together so you can enjoy the company while you get worked on. Close out the day with a nice lunch or grab a drink for happy hour. I promise your friend will feel like the queen that she is after a day like this.

Colorful Accessories

Summer always makes me want to go shopping. There is something about the new season and all the fun colorful clothing that makes me want to get a new wardrobe every year. My favorite way to curb the spending is to opt for a fun summer accessory from somewhere like Nordstrom Rack instead. Be your friend’s favorite go to fashionista when you gift her a colorful or floral accessory to make some of her outfits feel fresh and new.

Floating Drink Holder

Have you ever been swimming or hanging around in the pool and wished you had a place to rest your drink. With a floating drink holder, you can float on your back while your cocktail drifts by your side. There are many options online, you can choose from a cute swan to a more standard floaty tube. No matter what you choose, you will surely be the first one invited to the next pool party after giving such a brilliant gift as this one.

Solar Powered Outdoor Lanterns

There is something about the ambience of a dimly patio at night time. During the summer, many of us like to spend most of our time outside enjoying the warmer weather both day and night. Give your friend the gift of light with some solar powered outdoor lanterns. They come in many shapes, sizes, and themes so you can choose the kind you think she will like best.

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