An Easy Way to Quickly Clean Your Shirts

By | October 17, 2017

Did you know that shirts are some of the most difficult clothes to clean? They are difficult because they come in different colors and material. These characteristics make some types of shirts difficult to clean. For instance, the white shirts can be difficult to clean. The possible stains and dirt on these shirts makes them appear burdensome to wash. Similarly, the white color also contributes greatly since it exposes even the slightest of the stains on the shirts.

However, even with the difficulty in washing, there are several other things you can do to make it easy. You can choose to either soak the shirts in large amounts of water mixed with detergents before washing. The soaking helps in loosening the stains from the shirt. You can also use detergents that easily work with the material of the shirt.Conversely, there are also other types of shirts that do not necessarily need a lot of precaution in washing.

Clean Your Shirts

Washing Steps:

You should notice how to carefully treat the parts of the shirt that are not directly exposed. Be attentive to such parts and ensure other parts such as the armholes, cuffs, and collar. The front, back, breast pocket, and the sleeves are exposed and they can easily be cleaned. There is also need for clean water for the washing. The shirts should be washed and rinsed in different steps with water, just like the other clothes. In the first step, you wash and remove the detergents and stains from the shirt.

The second step would be to softly wash the clothes to ensure that they are totally clean from all the dirt and stains. Then you should rinse the shirt in yet another step with water. These processes are necessary as they guarantee a clean and stainless shirt irrespective of the type, material or color.

The final stage of the cleaning process is drying. You should use the pegs in hanging the shirts so that they are not blown away by the wind. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions of the day, the klassisk skjorte can even dry in less than one hour. The rate at which the drying process occurs also depends on the type of material the shirt is made from. The lighter the material, the faster the drying process.

A Little about Shirts

As simple as a shirt might look, it has different parts that are distinct on their own. In fact you can point them out one after another without any confusion.

The shoulders and arms have the sleeves and the cuffs. The sleeves on shirts do not necessarily have the covering on their arms. They may have shoulder straps and shoulder covers. The sleeves’ shirts may also be designed with short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves and others have long sleeves. On the other hand, the shirts with cuffs sometimes are not designed with buttons. There are also other shirts with cuffs that can be distinguished with buttonholes for the cufflinks.

The lower hem hangs to the waist leaving bare the belly button. These shirts with a lower hem cover the crotch and the parts of the legs. It is essentially a dress but perceived differently in different areas as either a shirt or a dress. The shirt types that get to the floor are referred to as pajama shirts. On the other hand, the body of the shirts has vertical opening designed on the front parts all down to the bottom parts using the buttons or the zipper.

Most of the shirts also have the buttoned placket that runs from the collar to the hem. Some shirts also have the breast pocket. However, you do not necessarily need the pocket on a shirt since polo shirts do not have them and still, they look elegant.

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